Active Shooter: Is YOUR Office Next?

Active shooter. Mass murder. Terrorist attack. No matter what you call it, when someone shows up with a gun it is terrifying! Do you know what to do? Will you freeze? Will you act? Are you prepared? Do you know the tools to maximize your chances of staying alive?

The US government is instructing you to “Run. Hide. Fight.” But do you know what these three words mean? Think of it as a slogan. When you hear kit, or think it, you should know what you’re going to do. 

Memorize the slogan! Run. Hide. Fight. Now, take each word separately and develop your specific plan for it. Once you have developed a plan, visualize it and act it out in your head until your plan is permanently associated with the word. Then, if you are ever involved in a violent situation, if someone shows HP with a handgun or a rifle, your response will be automatic!

Answer the questions for each word of the slogan:

Assume the shooter arrives at your work.

RUN. What is my safest exit route? How can I move towards it safely and quietly?

HIDE. Where can I hide? Is there somewhere to barricade myself and move away from any potential gun fire?

FIGHT. If I must defend myself, what can I do? What objects around my office can be used as a weapon if needed? How will!! I actually use the object as a weapon?

Go through your workplace and answer these questions. Be very specific. In your mind act out scenarios, visualizing doing specific actions to keep yourself safe. Using visualization techniques and exercises are the best way to prepare yourself for a violent situation.

Remember: “Run! Hide! Fight!” And protect yourself from harm!