Banjac Scientific Associates (BSA) has been providing safety assistance to private and government organizations for over 20 years. Whether you are a hospital, a laboratory, a warehouse, or other corporate entity we can help you improve the safety of your employees.

Our science and engineering staff offer a variety of safety services including safety training, inspections, hazard identification, accident reconstruction, and expert witnessing.

TRAINING: BSA offers safety training topics that are customized to meet your specific needs. We provide introductory and refresher trainings, on- and off-site, that are tailored to fit your business needs. Proper employee safety training for the potential hazards present in your industry decreases the likelihood of incidents, injuries, and deaths; increases productivity; and improves your bottom line. We are here to train your employees in safe work practices to help keep them healthy and safe.

INSPECTIONS: Forensic inspections and accident reconstructions are vital to the resolution of questions regarding any incident, accident, injury, or death. Here at BSA we use proven scientific and engineering methods to investigate, research, and analyze the data and answer the questions surrounding a given event.

BSA also offers workplace safety inspections as a means to identify and control hazards and potential hazards present in the workplace. Inspections provide an opportunity to address safety concerns before injuries or incidents occur, protecting your people, your property, and your profits. Once hazards are identified, steps can be outlines and controls implemented to minimize future incidents and injuries. BSA will come to your site and perform an inspection to identify safety hazards, discuss potential regulation violations, and help establish safety controls.

EXPERT WITNESSING: BSA provides forensic science and engineering investigations, accident reconstruction, litigation support, and expert witness services to legal and insurance firms. We are highly qualified professionals who use our technical expertise to assist our clients in assessing the cause of accidents.