Banjac Scientific Associates (BSA) is a science and engineering consulting firm providing safety expertise to law firms, insurance companies, and industry. BSA combines unparalleled technical experience with in-depth research and analysis capabilities. Our science and engineering staff offer a variety of safety services including training, inspections, hazard identification, accident reconstruction, and expert witnessing.


Ms. Kathleen Banjac, M.S., COSS

Ms. Banjac, M.S., COSS is Vice President of Safety & Risk Services at Banjac Scientific Associates. She earned her Master of Science degree from the University of New Mexico, and spent 10 years in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Ms. Banjac has been a consultant on safety and risk assessment issues for 20 years and is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist (COSS).

Among Ms. Banjac’s many certifications are FEMA Active Shooter, sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security; OSHA Compliance & Workplace Safety; OSHA General Industry Safety and Health; and OSHA Construction Safety and Health. She is a mentor for the NRA’s Women on Target and trains women on the safe use of firearms.

Ms. Banjac specializes in safety training and safety inspections to prepare and prevent against harm and injury. She trains employees, employers, and the general public. Safety topics covered include: active shooter response; workplace violence; situational awareness; slip, trip, and fall prevention; personal protective equipment; safety in the laboratory; office safety; chemical and toxic substance handling; and other safe work practices.


VB Bio Photo 06 16Dr. Voyko Banjac, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Dr. Voyko Banjac, B.S. Eng, M.S. Eng, and Ph.D. Eng, is a Senior Safety and Risk Scientist at Banjac Scientific Associates, of San Diego, CA. Dr. Banjac has 26 years of experience in safety and risk assessment and has served as an expert consultant and expert witness in the field of physics, mechanics, and safety assessment to the US Government and private industry.

For the past 26 years, Dr. Banjac has extensively studied the field of impact and crash physics, to better understand the parameters involved in collisions, as well as the behavior and response of physical objects and human bodies subjected to collisions. Dr. Banjac has worked on impact speeds ranging from 18,000 mph Kinetic Kill Vehicle (KKV) concepts for exoatmospheric ballistic missile defense, all the way to near-zero mph, low-speed vehicle collisions. To date, Dr. Banjac has participated in over 400 to-scale and full-scale impact and crash tests, and has tested the physics of impacts and crashes of numerous objects, as well as human body biomechanics.

In addition to his scientific credentials, Dr. Banjac is also a qualified scientific expert witness, and has testified at numerous trials in the fields of physics, mechanics, and safety assessment. Dr. Banjac is currently qualified in Metropolitan, District, and Superior Courts in the States of California and New Mexico.